When you or someone you care about has a disability, getting the right support at the right time is crucial. Home-based, comprehensive care in Stirling can allow patients with disabilities to get the most out of life, with the dignity and respect that they deserve in the comfort of their homes. However, depending on your needs, funding that support can prove a huge drain on your finances.

The good news, however, is that NDIS support can go a long way towards mitigating the costs of supporting disabled people’s care needs. At Home Caring, we are an NDIS registered care provide, meaning that the cost of the support we provide can be offset by the Australian Government. This applies across our full range of care packages, so that our patients get the support they need without needing to worry about costs.

What is NDIS?

The NDIS stands for the National Disability Insurance Scheme. It is an initiative that allows support for qualifying individuals based on their circumstances and needs. It is administrated by the National Disability Insurance Agency and offers a variety of support in conjunction with carefully chosen NDIS accredited providers.

NDIS is designed to help people with disabilities to get comprehensive, multifaceted support in different aspects of their lives, so they can enjoy the freedom and autonomy that they deserve.

Delivering comprehensive NDIS services in Sterling

We are proud be an NDIS provider in Sterling, providing a wide range of services all over Perth. Our management team work closely with patients and their loved ones to ensure that their care plan meets the patient’s needs and goals with unlimited access to support in matching their care to their needs and circumstances.

We are a registered NDIS service provider that cares, delivering support with the same dedication, professionalism and attention to detail in every aspect of care as we help patients get the most out of day-to-day living.

NDIS services can be leveraged in all areas of life including;

Health and wellbeing

We provide the care necessary for patients to remain in good health, comfort and psychological and emotional wellbeing. Whether this means assisting with medication and pain management or simply helping out around the home and garden.

Daily living and mobility

As an NDIS provider in Perth, we do everything we can to facilitate harmonious day-to-day living for patients. Including helping with transportation and / or mobility equipment, or making modifications to the home to make it easier to get around.

Social interaction

Social support and interaction are extremely important for overall health and wellbeing. Which is why we help patients to retain strong connections with their communities, including finding behavioural or therapeutic support where appropriate.

Employment and education

Disabilities shouldn’t keep Australians from achieving their full potential in the world of work. Which is why we help to support patients in finding and retaining employment, as well as accessing the community education programs that can help them get ahead in their lives and careers.

For years we’ve been helping people from all walks of life get the most out of their NDIS provision. We can help patients and their loved ones to make the right informed decisions that can facilitate a happy and fulfilling life.

Why choose Home Caring?

We understand that you have a choice of NDIS service providers in Stirling. If you have a loved one who is eligible for NDIS support, you’ll understandably want to ensure that your loved one gets the right support for their needs. We have a comprehensive range of care packages to ensure that every patient gets services that are tailored to their needs, preferences and lifestyle.

With over 20 years’ experience in the care industry, our combination of experience, dedication, resources and passion make us the number one choice in Stirling for your NDIS support needs. We are profoundly committed to ensuring that our patients always get the very best care, whatever their care package, disability or individual needs.

Every aspect of our operations is done with these simple values in mind;

  • Care: A client-focused approach that puts our patients and their needs first.
  • Quality: We constantly strive to bring the highest quality to our service and assure optimal value.
  • Innovation: We understand that excellence requires innovation! We’re committed to an innovative approach that is always striving to better meet patients’ needs.
  • Excellence: Our goal is always to exceed expectations and deliver exceptional care and customer service to patients and their families.

To learn more about our comprehensive range of dementia care services, or to arrange a free consultation, get in touch with us today!

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