About Us

About Us

About Us

Minh Pham, Founder

Minh Pham has many years of hands-on experience and expertise in the caring industry – first as a support worker for seniors and people living with disabilities, then as a case manager and care adviser for home carers in Brisbane. Supported by his wife, a clinical nurse, he leads a strong team of highly qualified support workers, each one dedicated to delivering care that surpasses our client’s expectations. Minh and his wife are also Brisbane locals, with a strong passion for connecting with and helping members of his community.


Thanh Nguyen

Nikolas Nguyen, serving as the Team Leader for the Aged Care and NDIS sector, boasts extensive experience in leadership within the caregiving sector, coupled with a sterling reputation for delivering outstanding customer service. With a professional background in community service, Nikolas has honed his skills and expertise to champion the cause of improving the quality of life for individuals with disabilities and the elderly within the community.

His unwavering passion lies in facilitating access to NDIS and aged care packages, with a steadfast commitment to assisting individuals throughout the application process. Nikolas’s dedication to his clients is exemplified by his thorough support and guidance at every step of the way.

Notably, feedback from a client’s family serves as a testament to Nikolas’s exemplary service. When aiding the client in applying for equipment and upgrading their aged care package, Nikolas’s efforts were lauded as surpassing expectations, reflecting his compassionate and diligent approach to his work.

“This (Nikolas’s work) has been absolutely been an example of care above and beyond our expectations”


Daphne Doan

Daphne is a committed and innovative case manager, driven by a deep-seated passion for championing the well-being of her clients. Drawing upon over a decade of experience in delivering top-notch customer service, gleaned from both her previous professional role and her extensive volunteering endeavours within the local community, Daphne brings a wealth of invaluable skills to her current position.

With a diverse educational background encompassing a double degree in International Business and Applied Finance, alongside additional qualifications in Vocational Training and Community Service, Daphne’s multifaceted expertise serves as a cornerstone of the Home Caring Stirling team’s success. Her unwavering dedication and contributions play an indispensable role in our collective mission to empower vulnerable individuals and enhance their quality of life.

“Her unwavering dedication and contributions play an indispensable role”


Thammi Vo

Thammi Vo’s journey began in the realm of education, where she dedicated her time to working with children as a teacher assistant. Transitioning to a new career path in the aged care industry, she has amassed valuable experience over the years.

With a year of hands-on experience as a support worker followed by a year serving as an Administration and Rostering Officer at Home Caring Stirling, Thammi has honed her skills and knowledge in various facets of client care and administrative duties.

Her strengths lie in her exceptional communication and interpersonal abilities, which enable her to forge meaningful connections with clients and their families. Thammi’s unwavering dedication and compassionate nature drive her advocacy for her clients, guiding them towards achieving their goals in a positive and supportive manner.

“Thammi has honed her skills and knowledge in various facets of client care and administrative duties.”


Hannah Le

Hannah is an unwaveringly dedicated Registered Nurse with a wealth of expertise spanning chronic diseases, rehabilitation, and mental health care. Armed with a Master of Advanced Practice Nursing, she stands as a beacon of excellence in her field.

Her driving passion lies in upholding the utmost standards of empathy and compassion in caregiving. Hannah goes above and beyond to ensure that not only are the needs of clients and their families met, but they also feel heard and respected throughout their journey.

Beyond her clinical duties, Hannah finds immense fulfilment in working with individuals from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse backgrounds, further enriching her commitment to providing inclusive and personalized care.

“Hannah has been a great support and seems to have well understood my evolving needs and subsequent supports – (HC)”